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In the middle of the night


24:37 Min. Feet 30%, Sneaks & Socks 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Trampling & Slaps 20%

It's the middle of the night when Master Buddy's and Master Red's doorbell rings. . The young man who lives one floor below them is complaining about the noise that Buddy and Red are making. How is he supposed to sleep soundly?. But Buddy and Red have no intention of complying with their neighbour's request for a bit of peace and quiet. As far as the two Masterboys are concerned he is just putty in their hands .A real loser! And so barely a minute has gone by before the guy is lying on the floor and being put severely in his place. .Licking their sneaks ("There's still some dog shit on there"), sniffing their socks ("Choke on them"), licking their feet - in no time at all, the neighbour is regretting having rung the doorbell. . He is totally under the two Masterboys' control. He's spat on, hit, misused as a trampoline and as a pony to ride on, Resistance is pointless. Master Red is especially keyed up for it all. – New Year, new clips.The way that Master Buddy and Master Red take charge of their neighbour is so hot..
More of master Red. Would of been better if he took his top off !!!!
At last,a yng good looking master in master red :) he has attitude and is bossy great master. Was hoping to see master red sitting on slaves face and hoping in future he will be pissing on the slave
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