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Being in Trouble


25:33 Min. Feet 30%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss & Human Ashtray 20%, Kicks, Trampling & Slaps 20%, Nipple Licking & Nipple Torture 10%

Helmut has made a stupid mistake. He accused Master Edi of being rude and asocial. Of course Edi feels offended and so he decides to teach that bigmouth a lesson in terms of good manners. Edi is really furious, so Helmut gets punished and humiliated without mercy. Right out in the sticks - far away from civilisation - where no one can hear his screams, Helmut gets beaten and kicked. Helmut has to get on his knees to lick his Master‘s sneakers. Later on, Edi forces his victim to sniff on his sweaty socks. Helmut‘s tongue also has to worship his tormentor‘s feet, the space between the toes and his armpits. In terms of humiliating an impolite bastard, our young master knows no limits. Helmut gets spat on constantly, he is used as an ashtray and chewed up apple wedges are thrown right on his face. Moreover, he has to take off his shirt and trousers and must start licking Master Edi‘s nipples. Helmut‘s nips get treated as well, but in a more painful way. Edi pulls and twists them and tortures his victim with barefoot trampling. Finally, he pisses on Helmut while beating him with a riding crop. Yeah, Master Edi really knows how to treat a slave!

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