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I want to see you crawl


25:34 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay, Food Crushing & Licking Armpits 35%, Feet, Socks & Sneaks 30%, Slaps, Kicks, Punches with the Leather Clapper & Trampling 25%, Facesitting 10%

Master Aris's slave often takes quite a few liberties. But today, he's really gone too far. Without so much as a by your leave, he's whiled away the time in a discotheque. He comes home that evening the worse for wear through drink. Master Aris is waiting for him. For starters, there are a couple of slaps to the face. But that's nowhere near enough. . The Master is really pissed off and wants to teach his backsliding slave a lesson or two. He wants to see the stupid loser reduced to crawling around. He pulls out all the stops as he torments and humiliates the slave. Master Aris forces his sneakers, his whiffy stockinged feet and later his stinky feet into his face. Again and again the loser is hit and kicked. The young Master especially get a kick out of laying into him with a leather slapper. What hurts the most though are his really brutal slaps to the face. There's also no lack of humiliations. The loser is spat on again and again and has to to breathe in the nasty stench from Master Aris' armpits. In addition, there's some concentrated facesitting. Ponyplay also features in the young Master's repertoire. Things turn especially nasty when Aris treads a biscuit into the floor and the loser has to lick it all up. – Master Aris really fires on all cylinders in this clip. It's really worth seeing how he mistreats his slave. When the camera turns to Master Aris' face you can see that he's ready to inflict some new torment on his slave. . In this clip, Master Aris is wearing a pair of torn jeans and a white shirt. Punishing the slave causes him to break out into a sweat and so later on he takes his shirt off. Man, how hot is that! The guy writing these notes makes a 100% recommendation that you buy this clip!
the aggressivity in his eyes is simply ADORABLY perfect!!!!!
If you’re into face slapping like I am....this clip is legit!! Hardest slaps I’ve seen and I’ve been a fan for several years now. I hope we see more....
I am this master’sdog❤️❤️❤️i worship him
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