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I say when and where !


25:44 Min. Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting with Farts & Food Crushing 40%, Feet 25%, Sneaks & Socks 20%, Slaps & Trampling 15%

Master Dragon has made himself comfortable in his neighbour's flat. The neighbour is furious when he gets back from work that evening and discovers Dragon in his living room But as soon as he starts complaining it becomes clear who is the.boss. Dragon sets down the rules for his neighbour.: 'Listen you dirty cunt, if I want to chill here then this is where I chill" „Without a care in the world.and with bare torso, the young Master towers over his victim , makes him lick his Nike Airs clean and gobs straight into his face. Master Dragon really gets a buzz out of abusing and humiliating his victim He uses the fat slave as a punchbag and pounds him with punches. A bit of trampling is also on the agenda. He squashes up some apples, first with his trainers and then later on with his bare feet and then tells his victim that he has to get them eaten. Meanwhile he keeps on gobbing into his neighbour's mouth..He also spends one or two longer periods sitting on his neighbour's face 'Hold on, I:'m going to fart, breathe it deep ' says the young Master with a nasty grin on his face. "Yeah, get a good whiff of my arsehole".„The no longer quite so fresh socks which the young Master is wearing are also a real olefactory experience And then there's his bare feet . ...…This is the real deal. Fans of Master Dragon – and who isn't a fan of his? will be besides themselves This is one of the best and the hottest clips which this good looking, merciless young Master has ever produced.: From beginning to end you see him with bare torso. What's really hot in this clip are the facesitting scenes.Wow,, what a Master!!!
..und wenn der MasterBoss sagt : "TIEF EINATMEN".., dann sollte Er nicht nur das Face vom Slave einnehmen.., sondern auch gleichzeitig seine Fußsohlen an des Slaves Kopf pressen ..und ihn ordentlich schmoren lassen !!!!
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