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I hope it really hurts


24:12 Min. Sneaks & Feet 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 25%, Facesitting 10% Socks 5%

Master Red gets straight down to business when he decides to show his slave his place. The loser has to take the worst trampling you can imagine. "Does that hurt? Hope you're really feeling it". Red shows no compassion at all for the slave. He sits himself down on his back as if he was a pony and rides him through the living room. He drives the 'pony' on by hitting him. So nasty. Then he announces to his slave that it's time to lick his sneaks. "Keep on licking till I tell you to stop. If you stop too soon you'll feel my foot in your face." threatens the young master. While all this is going on, the loser is again and again hit hard on his cheeks and spat on. When the slave ends up lying on the floor, Red sits on his face and tells his slave, "Smell, you bastard". And the nasty stench from his Master's socks also finds its way into the loser's nose. Later on, the slave is allowed to take care of his tormentor's godly feet with his tongue.- In this clip, Red shows just how brutal he is. When he slaps his slave in the face, the viewer feels the pain.
OMG 5* brill Master Red is totally amazing, at last bmb have found pure gold with this good looking master. He slaps hard and the facesitting is great, but just two bad points, 1. He didn't remove his top and 2 would of been nice to see a piss scene!!!! Please please more of this great and amazing master :)
Master Red ist einfach eiskalt und mega heiß! GEIL:) Master Red: "Noch einen Zentimeter und ich breche dir die Nase!" Da hätte er beim Facesitting gern mal Fullweight probieren können oder Standing. Klar fünf Sterne hierfür.
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