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Hot spitting Masters


23:01 Min. Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Licking Armpits, Sitting & Naked Facesitting 40%, Slaps & Trampling 15%, Socks 5%

Master TNT is already sorting the slave out when Master Reno gets back home from work. He is totally covered in sweat "Take my shoes off" he tells the loser . That results in the poor guy getting an indescribably nasty feet smell up his nose. Master TNT's feet smell just as strong. "Make a good job of licking the sweat off them" demands Reno as he presents the slave with his bare feet. TNT is no less nasty. With a nasty grin on his face, he tells the slave to be sure not to miss out on the 'tasty' hard skin But there's worse to come. The lads shove their feet deep into their victim's mouth. Reno and TNT keep on devising new humiliations. They sit themselves down on the loser (Reno with a bare, sweaty arse), they get their armpits licked and end up by filling their slave up with their warm piss. Throughout the session, the slave has to swallow down huge quantities of snot. TNT comes up again and again with an inexhaustible supply of really thick snot. Alongside all this loser keeps on getting hard slaps . There is also a brief trampling session. – The title of this clip tells you all you need to know. Record quantities of snot - so hot!!!
Masters TNT & Reno can produce so huge quantity of snot! they enjoy spitting in mouth but as well on the face. they ahve a complicity in degrading a slave. Missing new videos with them.
Both Masters are HOT and there’s a ton of spit being forced into the slave’s mouth (how can anyone spit so much?
I just watched this video and the way TNT spits and wipes his snot on the slave was so hot! please more TNT slapping the slaves and snot all over them
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