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30:41 Min. Sneaks, Feet & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Living Ashtray & Doggyplay 30%, Trampling, Kicks, Slaps & Nipple Torture 30%

Every now and again, Master Babyface and new BMB star Master Shawn meet to have a quiet smoke in an old deserted factory. But today they're not alone. Some stupid guy or other, around about their own age, has dared to trespass in their territory.The guy is lazing around on a mattress. The two Masterboys give him a rude awakening. Master Babyface and Master Shawn are really pissed off. But on the other hand the fact that the stupid loser is lying around on this mattress gives them a welcome opportunity to live out some of their sadistic fantasies. As the Masterboys pull on their joints, they get on with viciously degrading and tormenting the intruder. 'Quit howling like a pussy' says Master Babyface, unmoved by his plight, as he gets on with slapping the stupid loser. The slave has to endure some really hard sessions of kicking and trampling. Next, they rip his t shirt off his back. There follows a round of nipple torture. Nothing is held back. As the Masterboys get on with smoking their joints, they get their victim to lick the dirt from their trainers. Master Shawn's pair of Nike Airs especially need attention. Sniffing his Masters' socks and giving them a good chewing. licking their feet, getting their toes stuffed into his mouth - the loser gets the full monty! Master Babyface and Master Shawn use their toy as an ashtray and as a pony to ride on. He gets snot which they've hawked up and , later on, a special spit mixture is fed into his mouth. Master Babyface also makes the loser a gift of snot straight from his nose. Outside things get worse as they go through the door of the factory. The slave has to drink rainwater out of a rusty bowl, just like a dog Cool trainers . socks and feet action and humiliation with no pity, with some dirty components thrown in , two great Masters and a young slave and a top location - it's 2016's most action filled and hottest clip yet.
Hab die Gelegenheit einer 20% Preissenkung genutzt und mir mal ein paar alte Videos mit Master Babyface zugelegt. Was soll ich sagen? Vorbild der jetzigen Master? Bester Master? Aktuell zu unbekannter Master? Ich denke die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen. Besonders hervorheben will ich auch den Slave, der durch sein Alter wohl als eine Rarität an zu sehen ist. Ich finde dies einfach realitätsnäher und würde mir solches für die Zukunft wünschen.
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