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He is back again


24:06 Min. Feet 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting/Facesitting, Licking Armpis, Ponyplay & Piss 30%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%, Sneaks & Socks 15%

For two whole years, there's been no trace of the slave . Now he comes back to Master Shawn full of remorse and begs him to sort him out like he used to do. The slave is a totally committed piggy. He gets off on hard torment and degradation dished out by young hot Masterboys. Master Shawn is happy to oblige. He remembers with pleasure how this piggy wasn't like other wanna be Slaves who quickly opt out when things get hard but did EVERYTHING he was told to do. And it looks as though since they last met two years ago the slave has forgotten nothing - in fact, quite the opposite. Whether it's slaps to the face, kicks or trampling - the slave takes it all on the chin and begs the Master to have no consideration. The loser gratefully sniffs the nasty stench from his tormentor's sneaks and socks and applies himself totally to licking the sweat from Master Shawn's feet. The slave's ,tongue also wanders around Shawn's sweaty armpits. The cur is treated as lowest dirt. He has to bark. he has to serve as a pony to ride on, he gets his Master's thick snot in his face and in his mouth, until his whole face is covered in it. There's no lack of nasty degradations. The Master uses his victim as a cushion to sit on and at the end even as a toilet. Really nasty!!! – Master Shawn is finally back! In this really hot clip, we see again why he still counts as one of the best Badmasterboys. It's especially hot when in the 16th minute of the clip, Master Shawn takes off his T Shirt and enjoys settling down on his victim's face. . Wow!!!
hope see the master kick slave with his AirForce!
Es wird einen ganz warm ums Herz bei solch einer emotionalen Belastung durch Trennung und die nun geglückte Wiederfindung der Master-Slave Beziehung. Eine Schnulze der anderen Art:) Der Clip ist 1A, besonders gefallen die Sniffszenen. Wäre mal geil mit Master Aris im Gespann.
Great to see Master Shaw (although I had thought it was Shawn) back! What a great surprise it is to see past Master's wanting to inflict abuse on new slaves. I hate to quibble but I wished Master Shaw went in harder on the very willing slave. Love the spit, foot play, face sitting and piss. I just wish some hard face slaps factored can never go wrong with them. The slave seemed open to it getting any abuse the Master wanted to dish out. Now, if Master Aris was next...
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