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He doesn't give up


26:01 Min. Sneaks 25%, Feet & Socks 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 20%, Trampling & Slaps 20%, Facesitting 10%

Just what loads of fans have been waiting for. Right at the beginning of this really hot, English language clip, there's a short reunion with BMB First Master Yaro. The slave is also well known to long term customers of BMB. It's David from England who after a long interval has again made himself available as slave. So what's it all about in this clip? Master Yaro delivers David to a new Master : Dylan. But before Dylan takes over responsibility for putting the loser in his place, David is allowed to lick Master Yaro's sneaks clean. A couple of slaps to the face and a couple of helpings of spit into his face, then Master Yaro takes his leave and yields place to Master Dylan. David is totally enthused. Young, good looking, merciless – this Master is right up this loser's street. Later, Master Dylan even takes his T shirt off and presents his bare torso. Awesome!!! The new Master covers all the bases: getting his sneaks cleaned with the slave's tongue, getting his socks sniffed, getting his feet kissed and licked, gobbing his victim in the face, slaps to the face, trampling, ponyplay and some really hot Facesitting. David floats on cloud none, especially with the help of some poppers supplied by Master Dylan. – What a debut from Dylan! We can absolutely guarantee that this good looking , totally dominating Master will rock your boats. .And as an extra treat, there's a reunion with BMB First Master Yaro. Don't hang about . Get on and order this clip and enjoy it.
hot young master with exciting facesitting ! I would like to see more facesitting and ponyslave riding from this hot master :)
Wow! This video is great it is full of abuse and it’s a pleasure to see David back under Master’s control like he deserves to be. If there was any chance I could be their slave I would love so much to be in David’s place, and would willingly offer my face to be a cushion for such stunning and Godlike Master’s such as Yaro and Dylan and Kelvin. And also in UK but would come to Germany any time if there is a chance that I could be under a Masters dirty stinky and sweaty jeans being force-fed farts, please will somebody let me know when and the cost. Thanks so much! Please continue your good work BMB guys, your videos are still and always will be the best around!
I watched this clip of the young Masterboy and would be his mature slave anyday. He is very hot.
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