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He doesn't fancy going to school


24:09 Min. Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Sitting 30%, Slaps & Kicks 20%, Feet 10%

Red has really partied the weekend away. That means that now that it's Monday morning he doesn't at all fancy going to school. His stepfather of course sees things differently. But Red isn't going to let this loser have his way . On this grey winter morning, he decides to show his father once and for all who rules the roost in this particular house. There follows something which is hard to credit. Young Master Red takes up the reins as Master and reduces his stepfather to the status of slave. So nasty. . The loser has to sniff the nasty stench from his tormentor's socks as well as breathing in the stink from his feet. While all this is going on Red hands out slaps to the face and kicks. It's especially degrading for the loser to be spat on and to to be abused as a pony to be ridden on and as a cushion to be sat on. – The way that Red exercises his power over his stepfather is really hard.. The young Master looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but then shows himself to be a sadist who knows no mercy.

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