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Who is the Loser ?


13:10 Min. Socker Shoes 50%, Slaps & Kicks 30%, Humiliation with Spit & Forced Feeding 20%

Yaro and Pole are the two best players in their football team. Their trainer, Helmut, pays them a visit. The guy complains that the two of them have totally messed up in today's game against their promotion rivals. It goes without saying that the two young footballers don't take this lying down. The way in which their coach Helmut doesn't rate their performance has been getting on their nerves for ages. They decide that the time has come for them to teach their trainer a lesson. Still wearing their football kit, Yaro and Pole force the trainer they dislike so much to the ground. Without warnihng they set about mishandling him. Master Yaro's notorious slaps and Master Pole's really hard kicks start to have their effect.Helmut moans from the pain. The two Masterboys again and again ask him 'Who's the loser?' until he gives the right answer. For the coach, it's totally humilating to have to lick his tormentors' football boots clean and to breathe in the stench from their boots and their socks. The trainer is also spat at again and again and later made go eat a slice of bread drenched in spit. Already a highlight of this still young year 2016. Chief Master Yaro and Master Pole in a really hot English language clip
this is one the most exciting hard stomping videos i ever watched. this two master using cleats and soccer clothes are really bad boys. best way to enjoy some stomp session is be down to this marvelous cleats and lick turn then all wet as necessary. would be a heaven.
Really wanna see something more of masters in football uniforms dominating slaves!
Master Yaro is a true God... he is so cruel and extremely sadistic. I could be watching him in his football kit for hours... he looks so powerful in it! The nike mercurial football boots also suit him perfectly, they make him really powerful... a true God.
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