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23:33 Min. Feet & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 35%, Slaps & Trampling 15%, Sneaks 10%

The Masterboys Ed and Rob were out on the town last night and drank loads. The next day, they're plagued with a hangover. When they get to grips with their slave there's still a lot of alcohol in their blood. Master Ed gobs in his mouth and grins. "Bet it tastes of whisky, eh?!" Master Rob gets his really dirty sneakers licked clean. Master Ed, whose feet are firmly inside a sweaty pair of socks, demands a thorough foot massage. While he's doing this, the loser has to keep on breathing in the damp sock stink. The Masterboys take it in turns to gob into the slave's wide open mouth. The loser has to take a beating as well. While the slave is lying on the floor, the Masterboys torment him with some hard trampling. When Master Rob stands on him, he shoves his feet deep down into his mouth. All that done, the slave is brutally abused as a pony to ride on. - Master Ed and Master Rob are really up for it: the alcohol which they still have in their blood seems really to be stimulating them to show no mercy as they inflict hard torment and humiliation on their victim. Awesome!
Der Slave ist dieses Mal echt heiß! Gerne öfter...
The new master is great, and I love the way how he treats and talks shit to the fag. He could have been more brutal in his slaps though. It seemed like he was holding back in fear of hurting him. More of the new master in the future videos please
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