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Guess what Part 2


26:07 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Trampling 15%, Slaps 15%, Facesitting & Farts 15%

Now things are really hotting up in the Masters' flat share. Once the slave has given his tormentors' bare feet a good licking, the lads take their shirts off and torment their victim with some top class trampling. The guy really has to suffer and whimpers in pain. The camera is right up with the action .Then the loser is filled up with snot. With his eyes bound, the slave has to work out whose feet he's licking. If he gets it wrong , then right away for punishment there's some juicy slaps to the face or the neck. So that the loser gets it into his skull, the masters repeat the sock sniffing test and the shoe tasting test . But even that isn't enough. There's also a facesitting test to come. One after the other, the lads sit on their slave's face, so that he can get the neasure of how they each smell. "Should I fart, lads?" asks Big Master B with a nasty grin on his face - but doesn't wait for the answer. .When the lads have had enough of their nasty games, Master Arlo makes a sugestion "Let's lock the slave in the cellar! – It's no laughing matter for the slave in this clip. Becaue he's always getting it wrong, he is beaten brutally and ,more than that, subjected to extreme humiliation. The facestting and fart scenes are especially nasty. So hot. !!!
Big B is so hot and nasty (please more of him) and so are the other guys, with the omission of the blonde fat one... You should do more group facesitting scenes with nasty, loud farting.
Zwar sind die Master und Slave nicht meine absolute Lieblingsbesetzung, da es sich aber um einen persönlichen Wunschclip handelt (Gast), hat man das zu akzeptieren. Ich mache auf die Ehrlichkeit aufmerksam, dass man auf die Belange des Kunden eingegangen ist und diese auch nennt. Deshalb 4 anstatt 3 Sterne. Preisleistung stimmt!
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