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Going to the gym has consequences


Feet & Socks 35%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps & Trampling 15%, Sneaks 15%, Sitting 10%

Master Dragon's slave is a real moaner. The weakling complains to his Master that he'd been to the gym the day before, and that his knee was hurting ´and his thighs were a bit stiff. That really gets on Dragon's wick. Quite apart from the fact that he's already pissed off. His slave has sat himself down on a chair without asking for permission first of all. For the stupid loser, that means that pain is in store. Top class slaps to the face and brutal trampling - the slave whimpers in pain. "Maybe that'll sort out being stiff' jokes the Master. The Master sits himself down on a chair with his legs wide open. The slave lies down with his back to the floor and with his head between his Master' godly feet. Just the right position to enable snot to find its way again and again into the loser's wide open mouth. First of all the slave has to use his tongue to take care of his Master's sneaks, then he graduates to having Dragon's stockinged feet in his face and being told to give them a good sniff. Finally the loser has to stuff one of his Master's stinky socks into his mouth while he sniffs his tormentor's bare feet. Then Dragon sits himself down on his slave and with no advance warning stuffs his feet deep down into his mouth. – The camera is always up close up to the action as Master Dragon torments and degrades his victim. No wonder that as far as BMB customers are concerned Dragon is one of the most popular Masters.

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