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Gangsters Part 2


28:51 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting, Human Ashtray, Licking Armpits & Ponyplay 30%, Trampling, Slaps & Kicks 25%, Socks 10%

What a humiliation. : At the beginning of the second part of 'Chavs', the slave has to kneel down before the two Masterboys Sky and Gordon and serve them as a living ashtray. . While the two lads are smoking, they spit in their slave's mouth and slap him in the face. Just the look on their faces shows that they mean business. : Pure sadism.. They sit down on their slave, force their stockinged feet into his face, and keep on hitting him. Which of the two lads hits the harder? Hard to say. The slave's cheeks are soon glowing. By now, things are hotting up for the two chav boys as well. . They take off their T shirts and mistreat their victim with their bare feet. The very best .barefoot trampling The slave also has to look after the feet which are kicking him. ."That's right , lick them clean you cunt!" is the order that comes from Master Sky. There's loads of dirt on the soles and between the toes. Just the right way to feed a loser. .The two chav boys dish out loads of snot so that he is better able to swallow down all the toe cheese. . Tastes really good! Later there's something else tasty on offer. : Master Sky and Master Gordon's armpit sweat. Any more humiliation in store? Like a cur, the slave has to fetch his Masters' dirty socks. – Once again, the camera is right up with the action and shows from the slave's perspective how the two chav boys kick and spit on their victim. After Sky and Gordon had used their slave as an ashtray they sent their victim home and the session was then carried on the following day. 'Chavs' - a really hot BMB two parter from Berlin.
Wenn es die beiden Jungs als Escort gäbe, würde ich erstmalig zahlen..... , von denen würde ich es mr so richtig geben lassen!
für die beiden würde ich alles tun! alles!
I love it
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