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Gangsters Part 1


25:16 Min. Sneaks 30%, Trampling, Slaps, Kicks & Beatings with the Belt 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Sitting & Ponyplay 30%, Socks 10%

The BMB trip to Berlin has been worth it. We could get the camera rolling as Master Sky with his colleague Master Gordon took down a slave. In this session,, things soon turned damn hard. The two chav boys were totally aggro. They had no consideration for their victim. Hard slaps to the face, being hit with the belt, kicks, trampling - the slave really had to suffer. Master Gordon set out the direction of travel. "You do everything I say": The two chavs enjoyed tormenting their victim. "That's my carpet,mate", said Master Sky with a nasty grin on his face as he trampled around on his slave as he lay on the floor. The 'little slut' as the two chavs named their victim had to lick huge amounts of dirt from his two tormentors' sneaks and take in the stench from their steamy socks. .Again and again the two lads hawked up snot and spat in the slave's face. They took turns to sit on their slave, pressed their sneaks into his face and gave him lots of loud slaps. . Pony play was also part of the two Masters' repertoire of humiliations. . – What really hot chavs!! Master Sky and Master Gordon are true Masters. Born to it. . Because the two lads didn't want to stop tormenting and humiliating, there's also a part two.
Çok iyi o kolenin yerinde kim olmak istemez
Very brst
Both masters are great but i wish the lighting was better. The spitting was fantastic and i hope we see them again.
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