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Feet, Fun & Torture with Yaro & Otis, Part 2


34:09 Min. Slaps, Kicks Trampling, Crushing, Nipple Torture & Extreme Cigarette Torture 30%, Feet, Socks & Sneaks 30%, Humiliation with Spit, Ponyplay & Sniffing Armpits 30%, Sitting 10%

When BMB First Master Yaro and Master Otis want to act out their sadistic fantasies, then their slave has to be ready for anything. Fortunately in this case they're dealing with an experienced and extremely masochistic slave. Otherwise there's no chance that he could have put up with the pain and humiliation which the sadistic Master-Duo had lined up for him. . As a precaution, Yaro turns up the volume on the radio so that his neighbours aren't disturbed by their victim's cries of pain. The ingredients for this really hot clip are: sneakers, spicy socks, godly Master feet, thick snot, blows, slaps to the face, kicks. trampling, crushing, nipple torture, sitting, pony play, armpits sniffing and so on and so on … The closing scenes are played out on a balcony. That's where the slave has to serve as an ashtray while his Masters smoke. . Yaro und Otis show no mercy as they stub out their cigarettes on their victim's stomach and breast..So hard! – If there was such a thing as a BMB-Oscar, then the writer of these notes would nominate this two parter for that honour. Master Yaro and Master Otis - a perfect sado duo.
Das ist sooooooo HAMMA, wenn MasterBoss King Otis den Slave in die Schenkelzange nimmt !!!
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