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Feet, Fun & Torture with Yaro & Otis, Part 1


19:33 Min. Feet 30%, Extreme Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 30%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Sitting 10%

The fans have been waiting for this for a long time. At last there is another clip with BMB First Master Yaro – and a two-parter at that. Yaro joins up with Master Otis to put a longstanding , familiar slave in his place, In the process things get really hard - and that's no exaggeration! The torture scenes are not for the faint hearted!. Slaps to the face second by second, so loud that they really ring out. Trampling and kicks - including kicks to the balls. Nipple torture. The two take unbelievably sadistic pleasure in tormenting their victim. Meanwhile, the slave has to take a crazy amount of pain while his two tormentors piss themselves laughing at him. They sit themselves down on him, force their sneakers into his face, and again and again issue a harsh command: 'Mouth open!' : The slave has to swallow unending quantities of Master snot, often hawked right up. Powerful stuff. . – Just how hot is that?! : BMB First Master Yaro and Master Otis combining as a sado-duo, together with a maso-slave,who's ready to take the most extreme abuse. Just seeing Master Yaro and Master Otis in action together makes each slave heart beat faster. Get ready for Part 2 with the hardest cigarette torture scenes that BMB has ever shown.
auch kamera war gut wie master jaro geohrfeigt und gerotzt das ist geil master jaro nummer 1
endlich wieder der Master jaro in aktion cooler film
The longer haired boy is non other than Boss! He's the Boss of BMB.. Master Yaro,...
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