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Faker Bastard Part 2


24:11 Min. Feet & Socks 70 %, Humiliation with spit, cigarette tortour, slaps & piss 30 %

After the faker cunt in part 1 has already had dished out to him by Master Dway hard nipple torture and candle wax, now the guy has the honour of sniffing the young master’s socks. While Master Dway enjoys having a smoke the loser is lying at his feet. Way has made sure that his socks are well worn in for the loserHe gets dealt the cheesy feet. Everything between the toes has to be dealt with while Master Dway stubs out his ciggy on the loser’s body. Another round ensues and the slave is in seventh heaven. But not without consequences. He promises the Master to pay up all that is due. As a reminder he gets a warm shower. Alongside the slaps to the face and huge quantities of spit, Master Dway shows in this two parter that no-one should play the faker with him A great two parter for all BMB fans!
Ich finde Master Dway auch nicht so attraktiv, aber das ist natürlich Geschmackssache. Was an diesem Clip stört, ist dass der Master nicht überzeugend ist. Seine Dominanz wirkt doch sehr unnatürlich, aufgesetzt und schlecht gespielt. Sehr schade, denn ansonsten gibt es hier sehr geile Szenen.
I really want it please
Not a master, BMB is deteriorating constantly!
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