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Faker bastard Part 1


24:25 Min. Nipple Tortour & wax 50 %, Sneaks 30 %, humiliation with slaps & spit 20 %

Master Dway (new to BMB) is really fed up. A feeble stupid guy is always writing to him as a way of getting off. The guy gets off on nipple torture, candles etc but only wants to chat about it. The loser is to scared to commit to a live meeting. He's never yet paid Master Dway what he agreed and is always letting him down. Then Dway finds out where the idiot lives and the game is over. A visit with the right toys to hand is due No there’s no talking his way out of it. Dway ties up the whimpering loser using cable and shows no mercy as he fits on nipple clamps. The hot wax is made ready and dripped over the crybaby’s fat stomach. The guy keeps in whimpering for mercy. But no mercy is shown. He embarks on a round of slaps to the face and shoe licking. Now it gets really nasty. Showing no concern for his victim, Dway plays with the nipple clamps puts new ones on and pulls them off. There’s some more hot wax too. And there’s still more slaps to the face and hot master spit. Now the fatty gets it all live and in person. Does he enjoy it as much as just getting off via chat? Find out for yourselves by looking at part 2
Der Typ sieht super aus und hat hammergeile große Füße, mehr davon!!
Want more videos of him please
So muss ein Opfer leiden! Erniedrigung und Schmerz ... gern mehr davon!
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