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Facesitting and much more


22:58 Min. Feet & Socks 40%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Facesitting 20%, Slaps & Nipple Torture 10%

The stupid slave dares to make fun of his Master. Kelvin and his best mate are far from amused. They team up to show the loser what comes the way of slaves who are too pushy; being hit and being degraded in all sorts of ways. The slave can hardly breathe as the two Masterboys sit on his face. Some pretty strong effusions find their way into the loser's nose. It's not just Masters' arses which need to be sniffed, it's sweaty stockinged feet and damp armpits as well. While all this is going on the slave again and again is handed out some hard slaps to the face and also treated to some nipple torture. He also has to swallow huge quantities of thick snot which the two Masterboys hawk up. Later the lads treat themselves to some extensive care of their feet. – The clip was produced in high summer temperatures and so everything that the slave has to sniff is all really high ;-)
What a winning clip! It's great to see these two Master's reunited once again. Sometimes, using the same slave, the proceedings can get a tad boring. However, this clip is proof that you'd think this was the slave's first time. Both Master's showed great enjoyment in dishing out their punishments and degradings. By the way, I love this slave as he seems to finally be used to the hard slaps, major spit and facesitting directed at him. I guess once you get into that 'zone', it's pure bliss...I know I'd think so. It's an absolute honor to be thoroughly degraded by any Master, but especially by Master Kelvin. He's definitely in his element. A pure winner in the iconic BMB canon.
Love how these 2 Masters work together to humiliate and torture their slave, such hot facesitting, armpit licking, spitting and feet licking in the clip, hope to see Master Kelvin and Master Cem in more clips together working with other young Masters!!!
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