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25:43 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Food Crushing & Facesitting 35%, Socks 20%, Slaps 10%

It's a win-win situation all round. For the slave, because being done over by such a good looking young Master as Luca is totally hot. And it's a good laugh for the Master because the slave goes along with everything that is done to him and doesn't even hang back when things begin to get harder, when a foot is rammed down his throat or when he gets slapped. And in fact the slave does have to put up with a lot in this clip. Right at the start he has to hop into the bath tub so that Luca can drench him with his piss. Then things carry on in the living room once the loser has cleaned himself up. Everything's on offer - sniffing dirty socks, licking feet, swallowing down snot. And there's no lack of humiliation either. Facesitting which goes on so long that the slave can hardly breathe. And some very hot tomato crushing. On the one hand the slave has to lick up the tomatoes which the Master has squashed with his. feet from the floor, on the other hand the young Master chews some tomato and then spits in directly into Helmut's mouth. Really nasty. And when the slave doesn't come up to the mark, Luca shows no mercy in giving him a wallop. . Helmut is right to be afraid of his slaps. Master Luke in top form!

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