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Equations with three strangers


24:47 Min. Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 40%, Feet & Socks 30%, Slaps & Kicks 15%, Sitting & Facesitting 15%

Kelvin has invited a young Maths tutor to call round. The student is supposed to be preparing Kelvin and two mates from school for their maths test which is coming up. But things don't go as planned. The three sadistic lads can't resist the urge to degrade the student. First of all Kelvin acts friendly and asks his guest if he's thirsty. But that's all just for show. Instead of cola or beer, there's thick Master snot which the maths tutor has to lick up from the floor or take straight into his mouth. The snot which Master Kelvin hawks up is especially tasty. Enjoy! The three lads really get carried away. .Things turn nasty as the loser is tormented and humiliated. Inhaling the cheesy stench from their socks, licking sweaty feet, giving dirty socks a good chewing, pony play - the loser is spared nothing. Again and again the Maths tutor is gobbed on, kicked and hit. The lads use their socks to flog their guest, degrade him by riding him round as if he was a pony, adn spending lots of time sitting on him. His face turns out to be a good cushion for them to sit on. –Do you like stinky Master feet and socks, and some really hard humiliation? If so then you'll love this clip! Order it and enjoy it straight away!

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