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A nasty surprise


24:14 Min. Feet 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 35%, Socks 15%, Slaps & Kicks 10%

That's really a nasty surprise for Master Luca. His slave is supposed to have sorted him out with a new iPhone . But the idiot has got hold of a used handset which hardly works any more. Master Luca – wearing in this clip a ripped pair of skinny jeans and a hoody – is really pissed off. Now the slave will have to face up to some juicy punishment. . The young Master hawks up some thick snot. A few seconds later, it lands in the loser's wide open mouth.'Eat it!' orders Master Luca with a sadistic grin on his face. You won't believe how much thick snot this Master can produce within the space of just half an hour. The loser can barely swallow it all down Sometimes, the slave is also allowed to lick the snot off his Master's hand. Meanwhile, the Master fills a glass with spit and with juice which he's gurgled around. This drink is dished out to the slave at the end of the session in a very special way. But the loser also gets some other delicacies to drink down. With the slave lying in the bath, the Master hands out a piss shower. 'Open your fucking mouth!' , demands Luca and he directs the steam of piss right into his victim's mouth. Stinking socks and bare Master feet also take centre stage in this clip. The Master loves shoving his feet deep into his victim's mouth. He also like clamping his victim's head between his feet. And then once again this very special sound is heard. Master Luca hawks up some really thick snot: 'Open your mouth, bitch!'

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