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Doubleteaming to dish out humiliation


24:30 Min. Feet 35%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 30%, Slaps & Nipple Torture 15%, Sitting/Facesittimg 15%, Socks 5%

Neo and Otis are sat down on the sofa. Their slave is lying on his back at their feet. The Masterboys stuff their steaming socks into their slave's face. That's not all, they also gob some thick snot into his mouth, really big portions. "Get that down you", Otis tells the loser. Nor do the two Masters hold back when it comes to slaps to the face. The slave seems to be used to it, because although the slaps that the lads dish out are damn hard,, there's not a peep out of him as the mistreatment goes on. So that when it gets to being allowed to take care of his two tormentors' bare feet, it seems to the slave almost as if he's being rewarded. Slaps to the face with hands and feet serve to remind him not to forget the spaces between the toes. As you can guess, there are a few tasty treats to be thoroughly dealt with there. As things move on, the two lads sit themselves down on the loser. Otis makes himself comfortable by sitting on his face. Not only does the slave have to struggle for air, he also has to cope. with nipple torture. As things draw to a close, the action plays out in the bathroom. There the slave gets fresh warm piss onto his face and into his mouth . – Who ever likes extended feet scenes and nasty humiliations will love this clip as Neo and Otis take delight in putting their slave into his place
Otis ist und bleibt der bisher beste Badmasterboy. Wann kommt er endlich wieder? Möchte noch mehr Filme mit ihm kaufen. Dieses Video ist der Hammer. Richtig gut.
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