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Don't ever do that again !


24:18 Min. Feet 25%, Humiliation with Spit & Licking Armpits 25%, Slaps & Kicks 20%, Sitting & Facesiiting 15%, Socks & Sneaks 15%

Surely you remember Master Fino from the BMB cult clips 'Sixpack' or 'Sit & Spit Excess', don't you? Npw Master Fino is finally back again. In this new, really hot clip the young Master punishes and degrades his slave. While Fino has been away, the stupid loser has had the nerve to find his pleasure with another Master. To put it lightly, Fino is not amused.His mate Tarek (new to BMB) joins in as he puts his victim through the wringer. He finds really nasty ways to torment and humiliate his slave. The lads beat him and kick him and gob into his face and into his mouth The slave has to suck in the stench from their steamy socks and then later carefully pull them from their feet using his teeth. Let's just say that the Masters' feet don't look like they've been in the shower recently. Who cares? The slave is allowed to - has to - sniff and lick them. And not just the feet.He has to do the same with Fino's and Tarek's sweaty armpits. Without a care in the world, the lads sit on their slave, slap him in the face, spit on him and force their feet into his face. And of course there's also no lack of facesitting . The loser's nose is jammed up between his Masters' arse cheeks. An indescribable humiliation. – What a really hot clip! Master Fino and Master Tarek are an extremely sadistic duo, with no mercy whatsoever. The camera is always right up there with the action, and yet again there are scenes from the slave's perspective.
So hope that my haed and face can be trampled by master Tarek
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