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Deep in your Mouth


24:18 Min. Sneaks 40%, Humiliation with Spit & Sniffing Armpits 35%, Trampling, Kicks & Slaps 25%

Master Reno is sat on the sofa. Slave David is present in front of him The loser is charged with dealing with his Master's sneakers. Reno forces them onto his face and then the demand "Deep in your mouth!“,. As it would be more fun to have someone join in with him in tormenting the loser, Reno gives his mate TNT a call. "I promise you, the loser has really got it coming to him today" , says Reno ominously. Five minutes later TNT is at the door . His opening shot is a thick helping of snot. And that's not all. During the course of this evening, David will have to swallow down huge quantities of snot The two Masterboys get more and more enjoyment out of tormenting their victim. Trampling, kicks, slaps to the face - David is spared nothing. The humiliations also have a lot going for them. The slave is made to breathe in deep the sharp smell which is coming from Master Reno's and Master TNT's armpits. . – This English language clip shows how well Master Reno and Master TNT complement each other. Over and over again the camera guy put himself in the slave's position. That means shots which make the viewer feel that he is right up with the action.
TNT is a great master. I absolutely love his chains/necklaces and really hope we will see him shirtless again soon and for a longer time!
TNT is amazing. Please make a shirtless vid with him cause his chains/necklaces are sooo awesome. Great video!!!
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