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22:38 Min. Feet & Sneaks 35%, Humiliation with Spit, Facesitting & Nipple Torture 35%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 20%, Socks 10%

The young basketball player Kelvin enjoys listening to music while he's hanging out in his apartment – he plays it so loud that the neighbours are able to listen in too. Even overnight Kelvin doesn't have any consideration for his neighbours and their need to get their rest. One of his neighbours gets furious and rings Kelvin's bell in the middle of the night, to complain that he can't get to sleep. This guy is a loser and really gets on Kelvin's nerves. Once the next-door wanker makes it into Kelvin's living room, the tall, good looking basketball player makes it clear to him that he won't put up with complaints like that in the middle of the night. He slaps the guy a couple of times on the cheek and forces him to the ground. With trampling, kicking and ever more painful slaps to the face - Kelvin shows his true colours as a nasty sadist. The neighbour is overpowered and has to lick his tormentor's sneaks clean and sniff his really stinky socks. From that point on, he is made to kiss Kelvin's feet and work them over with his tongue. The young Master demands that he licks away all the dirt from his feet. Then Kelvin hawks up some snot and gets rid of it in his neighbour's wide open mouth. You won't believe your eyes when you see how much snot the poor guy has to swallow down. But that's not all. Again and again Kelvin sits himself down on the loser's face and gives his nipples a brutal working over. – Master Kelvin is always surprising us as he comes up with new versions of brutal action and nasty degradation. The hot facesitting scenes alone mean that getting this clip is an absolute must.
Master Kelvin has really come into his own as a first-rate Master. His spits and slaps are intense and hard. He's not afraid to let a slave smell or lick his underarms. My favorite is when Master Kelvin sits on the slaves' face and knows how much enjoyment this brings the slave. Playing with his nipples is just the slaves' bonus! Looks like Master Kelvin has been working out more...maybe given some gym advice from other first-rate Masters, Dragon and Otis? The biggest compliment I can ever give a clip is to say that I personally was envious of the slave...and I was!!!
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