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Brutal Play


23:14 Min. Feet & Sneaks 40%, Slaps, Humiliation with Spit & Ponyplay 30%, Slaps, Kicks & Trampling 25%, Socks 5%

Master Red and Master Duke (new to BMB) get a visit from a slave from Berlin. They want to join forces to show who is boss. The loser is taken into hand really brutally. Even the smallest slip leads to slaps to the face and to being hit and kicked. As one of the Masterboys dishes out the blows, the other one enjoys getting his dirty sneaks licked clean. As the lads sit on the sofa, the slave is allowed to suck in the nasty stench from their socks. Later, that turns into sniffing their feet and suckng their toes. Normally, the slave would enjoy this. But the continual slaps to the face and kicks, with trampling thrown in as well, aren't something to savour, but rather an experience which proves to be damn painful. And there's no lack of humiliation either. Again and again the slave is spat on or gets thick Master snot spat straight into his mouth. And the loser has to serve as a pony to ride on as well. – Not just physically but also verbally Master Red and Master Duke leave no doubt that they are in charge. 'Brutal Play' – the title of this really hot clip says it all!
O kadar iyiki
Master Duke Sir and Master Red Sir both are respectful Masters. But for their hotness this video is very normal. They both should together piss and forcibly should make drink. And forcibly make eat shit. And for their cuteness, young slaves are good and should beat a lot. Spit a lot. Brush teeth and spit. Both are respectful
Sooooooooo ist es richtig...…., der Slave hat seine BadMasterBosse ...seine Götter anzubeten !! King RED macht es genau RICHTIG ..ein Fuß auf dem Hinterkopf, den anderen vor dem Face des Slave - so sollte jede Begrüßung zwischen MasterBoss und Slave ablaufen...….Jap...……..
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