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BMB Meeting


31:27 Min. Feet & Socks 45%, Humiliation with Spit & Piss 40%, Cigarette Torture/Living Ashtray 15%

Master Andre is going travelling. He's visiting his slave on Gran Canaria. The loser has already been dreaming for weeks about being humiliated by the cool young Master from Germany. Master Andre doesn't want to hold anything back from his fans about how he goes about tormenting and humiliating his slave. So he films the session. And so we can see for ourselves as the slave sniffs his Master's stinking socks, as Andre uses the loser as an ashtray and deals with his stubs by loading them into the slave's mouth. We can see for ourselves how the young Master feeds the loser with thick snot and twice degrades him by using him as his personal bog. The loser is given ample opportunity to look after his tormentor's godly feet. From beginning to end, this clip offers top rate humiliation.

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