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Action in the Kitchen


24:40 Min.

Master Reno is relaxing by sitting on one of the kitchen surfaces. "Get down on your knees and get licking" David doesn:t need to be asked twice. He uses his tongue to get rid of the dirt which is stuck to his Master's pair of Sneaks. As things move on, David is allowed to sniff his Master's warm, damp stockinged feet. And finally to top everything off - the Master presents his bare feet. He shows no mercy as he shoves them deep into David's wide open mouth. David chokes on them. The slave has to spend a lot of time and trouble to clean the hot pair of feet. Alongside this, again and again he has to open wide his mouth so that Master Reno can gob into it. David's mouth quickly gets filled up. With a devilish grin on his face, Master Reno says "Now you can swallow", To stop the slave from getting too relaxed.the young Master dishes out some slaps with his feet as well as the odd spot of trampling David has come all the way from England to make this clip and can't get enough of the Badmasterboys. Reno is his favourite. He loves the stink of his socks and feet
David came long way from England for this deep throat action. hope he is satisfied.
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