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A spontaneous visit


25:45 Min. Sneaks & Socks 40%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Ponyplay & Human Ashtray 40%, Kicks & Slaps 20%

There's a rumour doing the rounds of the allotments that one of the new tenants gets off on licking guys' shoes. One sunny Spring day., Fox,, King and Rocco :(new to BMB) decide to put him to the test. They pay the guy a spontaneous visit. . The loser is busy gardening and is taken totally unawares. The guy ends up lying on the floor and is spat on and brutally kicked. . Now he's allowed to use his tongue to lick the dirt off his Masters' trainers. Later, the lads' sweaty socks make an appearance. Beaten and kicked, the loser has to suck the stench out of each pair. . Master King's socks are especially stinky. . He's already had the socks on his feet for a few days. The scene that plays out in the allotments is beyond belief. The three Masterboys use their victim as an ashtray and threaten to put out their cigarettes on his tongue. They torment the guy with blows,, with kicks and with hard blows to the face with their feet, They use him as a pony to ride in and make him lick up their thick snot from the dirty floor and then give him a good going over with their trainers. To round things off the loser is drenched with piss . A really hot outdoor clip with an extra helping of humiliation and hard action in the best BMB tradition. Order it straight way and enjoy
Love thir socks and sneakers/ They were brutal. Havent seen this kind of vids for a while. Maybe add a leash next time
Love their sneakers and socks. More brutal videos like this please. Next time give him a leash
They are absolutely brutal. Love their socks feet and sneakers. Maybe they can have a leash on the slave next time. Love this video please more of this type of brutal videos
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