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A long haired slave encounters four Master feet


16:10 Min. Feet 40%, Socks 30%, Humiliation & Spit 25%, Slaps 5%

Do you dream of godly Master feet and stinky socks? In that case, you'll love this clip! Don't miss out on seeing Master Dragon and Master Neo humiliate their slave and put him in his place. The longhaired loser starts out by making the acquaintance of his two tormentors' deeply smelly feet. The two Masterboys get him to lick the dirt from the socks which they've been wearing for days. They shove their stockinged feet so deep down into his mouth that the slave can hardly breathe. Master Neo is especially nasty. He pushes his stinky socks right under the slave's nose or stuffs them into his mouth. After so much sock action, it's time for some pedicure. The slave's tongue gets no rest. The stinky areas between the toes need special attention. While all this is going on, the loser has to deal again and again with thick Master snot. You won't believe how much spit Master Dragon and Master Neo are capable of producing. The slave has to be a good boy and thank the Masters for each helping of snot. Dragon and Neo round this all off with really powerful slaps to the face. – The way that Master Dragon and Master Neo compliment each other in this clip as they humiliate their slave is so hot! You can easily see how much the two lads enjoy putting their long haired slave in his place.
Like the two boys al lot. Hot Action! Short clip with good behaved slave. I like the Close Ups in this one big time - let the slave sniff those hot feet!!!
Sehr sehr geiles Video mal wieder! Aber biiiiitteee!!! Die Master sollen häufiger weiße (Nike) Tennissocken anhaben!!!
Sehr geiles Video aber macht mal bitte mehr mit Boys in (Nike) Tennissocken! Das vermisse ich sehr :/
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