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A job with prospects


24:50 Min. Sneaks, Socks & Feet 45%, Humiliation with Spit, Piss, Licking Armpits & Human Ashtray 40%, Slaps 10%, Ponyplay 5%

A fat, submissive guy - let's call him Harry – is of service to Master Dway as his shoe cleaner. Everything kicks off for the loser in his Master's garden. He puts all his energy into dealing with his Master's dirty trainers. The only tool that he has to hand is his tongue. .But the Master wants more than just someone to clean his shoes. He wants a victim that he can totally humiliate and torment. "OK what sort of things do you like?", the Master asks the shoe-cleaning slave . Without waiting for any kind of answer he sets to, slapping the loser's face and spitting on him. As Harry lies on his back on the grass, Dway peels off his own T Shirt and forces his feet into the slave's face. The Master very audibly hawks up some snot. The slave has to swallow it down- ALL of it!!. And he has to sniff in the nasty smell from Dway's socks and use his tongue to lick away the grass from his Master's bare feet. But there's more. Harry has to use his tongue to clean away the sweat from his Master's sweaty armpits. All the while he keeps getting hit and slapped. Dway grins like a devil as he lives out his sadistic fantasies. Taking no notice of the whimpers it produces, he stubs out his cigarette on Harry's stomach. To round things off, there's pony play and piss on offer. There's no lack of hot action in this clip! Master Dway presses all the buttons.. He looks sensational in his ripped jeans and with his bare torso. Awesome!
I wanna see this fantastic master kicks a slaveface with very dirty ksneakers and after kicks make the slave to eat the dirty from your sneakers ...
Dieser Master ist anbetungswürdig!
Very hot horse sitting , hope to see more ponyslave riding and facesitting !
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