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A great Comeback for Master Otis, Part 2


24:08 Min. Feet & Socks 35%, Humiliation & Spit 30%, Slaps & Trampling 20%, Sitting/Facesitting 15%

In the second part of the session Master Otis sends for reinforcements. It just takes a quick phone call - and in no time Master Reno shows up . Now things get really hard for the slave as Otis and Reno spur each other higher. Slaps to the face with hands and feet, trampling - now they mean business. The loser has to take his tormentors' feet deep into his mouth. Reno kicks things off by making the loser suck in the stench from his damp, dirty socks. As the slave lies down on the floor, the lads sit themselves down on him and force their feet into his face. While they're doing this, to nasty sound effects, they hawk up thick snot so as to give their victim something to swallow. Really nasty that the slave has to deal with so much snot. Otis and Reno just piss themselves laughing. You can see how much they're enjoying degrading the guy. The slave also has to put up with a bout of facesitting. – just one of them alone is already awesome, but as a twosome Master Otis and Master Reno are really unbeatable.
I get hard just watching him spit in someone's mouth. I don't have to do anything. Another great video.
Beide Master wirken Dominant, haben Spaß am leid des Sklaven. Gnadenlose Aktion, harte Ohrfeigen wie trampling. Leider wenig Facesitting, davon könnten die Master mehr machen
Die zwei sind bisher die Allerbesten. Vermisse allerdings Zigaretten in den Filmen. Oder rauchen die beiden nicht? Oder einmal ein Glas voll Spucke.... mehr davon!
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