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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I book private dates ?

No, we do not generally convey.
If you want to come with our guys in contact, you can do that in the VIP Facebook group.
There you will be accepted when you purchase the VIP membership. The club is called Badmasterboys VIP.
In the club are also all new clips as a trailer before the update. In addition, raffles are held every now and then.

Please note that we do not take any responsibility if you make private dates yourself or make any arrangements.

2. If I want to participate with you in front of the camera, how does it then?

As you may already have read, you must first pay a deposit, which will of course be returned if you appear on the agreed date.
Of course you can also wish for certain masters, but it is not always possible to fulfill all wishes.
But you get always the information which master would have time to your desired date and you can then decide.
Of course, you can also decide about the content as long as there is no sexual content.

If we have arranged an appointment and everything is agreed you have to arrive at your own expense and also book an overnight accommodation if necessary.